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Metaphor Analysis

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Metaphor is recognised as an important way of thinking – constructing analogies and making connections between ideas – and an important way of using language – to explain abstract ideas or to find indirect but powerful ways of conveying feelings. By investigating people’s use of metaphors, we can better understand their emotions, attitudes and conceptualisations, as individuals and as participants in social life. This book describes practice in the analysis of metaphor in real-world discourse.

When real-world language use is taken as the site of metaphor study, researchers face methodological issues that have only recently begun to be addressed. The contributors to this volume have all had to find ways to deal with methodological issues in their own research and have developed techniques that are brought together here. Using as a basis the discourse dynamics approach to metaphor developed by the editor, the book explores links between theory and empirical investigation, exemplifies data analysis and discusses issues in research design and practice. Particular attention is paid to the processes of metaphor identification, categorisation and labelling, and to the use of corpus linguistic and other computer-assisted methods.

Published: Jun 1, 2010


Section Chapter Authors
Preface Lynne Cameron, Robert Maslen
Section 1: Introducing Metaphor Analysis
1: What is metaphor and why does it matter? Lynne Cameron
2: A selective survey of research practice in published studies using metaphor analysis Zazie Todd, Graham Low
Section 2: Contemporary Theories of Metaphor
3: The cognitive view of metaphor: Conceptual metaphor theory Alice Deignan
4: Between mind and language: A journey worth taking David Ritchie
5: The discourse dynamics framework for metaphor Lynne Cameron
Section 3: Metaphor Analysis
6: Identifying metaphors in discourse data Lynne Cameron, Robert Maslen
7: Finding systematicity in metaphor use Lynne Cameron, Robert Maslen, Graham Low
8: Metaphors and discourse activity Lynne Cameron
9: Corpus techniques for metaphor analysis Alice Deignan, Elena Semino
10: Working with large amounts of metaphor data Robert Maslen
11: Multimodal metaphor analysis Alan Cienki
Section 4: Bringing it All Together
12: Good practice in metaphor analysis: Guidelines and pitfalls Graham Low, Zazie Todd
13: Bringing it all together: Applying metaphor analysis to online discussions in a doctorate study Sue Rivers
14: Using metaphor analysis to compare expert and public perceptions of the risk of terrorism Lynne Cameron, Robert Maslen
15: Concluding remarks Lynne Cameron, Robert Maslen
End Matter
Appendix Lynne Cameron
References Lynne Cameron
Index Lynne Cameron

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'This volume is an important contribution to advancing the methodology needed to analyze metaphors found in naturally occurring discourse.'
Metaphor and Symbol 27(3), 2012

'Overall, Metaphor Analysis is metaphor-researcher-friendly, and makes a worthwhile theoretical and methodological contribution to metaphor research, in particular ‘metaphor in discourse’ research.'
Ya Sun, Researcher Center for Business English and Cross-cultural Studies and School of International Studies, University of International Business and Economics, Beijing, in Discourse Studies 13 (4) 2011