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Imagistic Traditions in the Graeco-Roman World

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Acts of the Panel held during the XIX Congress of the International Association of History of Religions, Tokyo, Japan, March 2005.

Published: Jun 1, 2009


Section Chapter Authors
Graeco-Roman Religions and the Cognitive Science of Religion Harvey Whitehouse
Imagistic Modes of Religiosity and the Study of the Cults of Graeco-Roman World Panayotis Pachis
Chapter 1
The Imagistic Tradition of Dionysus in the Graeco-Roman World Ulrich Berner
Chapter 2
Theories of Persuasion and Modes of Religiosity in the Study of Emergent Christianities Willi Braun
Chapter 3
Dionysus' Image in the Post-Modern Age Giovanni Casadio
Chapter 4
Religious Change in Roman Religion from the Perspective of Whitehouse's Theory of the Two Modes of Religiosity AleŇ° Chalupa
Chapter 5
"Another People": Understanding the Roman Senate's Supression of the Bacchanalia Douglas Gragg
Chapter 6
The "Modes Theory" and Roman Religion: National Catastrophe and Religious Response in the Second Punic War Alison Griffith
Chapter 7
The Cybele and Attis Religion and the Theory of Modes of Religiosity Anders Lisdorf
Chapter 8
Imagistic Modes of Religiosity in the Cult of Isis/Sarapis During the Graeco-Roman Age Panayotis Pachis
Imagistic Traditions in the Graeco-Roman World Luther H. Martin

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