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Hellenisation, Empire and Globalisation

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Acts of the Panel held during the 3rd Congress of the European Association for the Study of Religion, Bergen, Norway, 8-10 May 2003.

Published: Jun 1, 2004


Section Chapter Authors
Abbreviations Luther H. Martin
Foreword Luther H. Martin
Part One: Articles
Buddhism, Manichaeism, Markets and Empires Gustavo Benavides
The Globalisation and Localisation of Religion: From Hellenism to Late Antiquity Giulia Gasparro
Globalization and Religion in the Roman Empire Ingvild Gilhus
What Constitutes Globalization for Religion? Hallmarks from Antiquity: Late Antiquity Egypt Gary Lease
The Very Idea of Globalization: The Case of Hellenistic Empire Luther H. Martin
The City-god: An Expression for Localization Erika Meyer-Dietrich
"Manufacturing Religion" in the Hellenistic Age: The Case of Isis-Demeter Cult Panayotis Pachis
Magia e Culti Orientali III Ennio Sanzi
Part Two: Responses
Response One Giulia Gasparro
Response Two Einar Thomassen

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