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Listening to Shin Buddhism

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In the early twentieth century, The Eastern Buddhist journal pioneered the presentation of Buddhism to the west and encouraged the west’s engagement in interpretation. This interactive process increased dramatically in the post-war period, when dialogue between Buddhist and Christian thought began to take off in earnest. These debates attracted not only Zen voices but also thinkers from the Shin Buddhist tradition.

This book brings together a wide range of classic writings from the 1950s to the 1970s which have significantly influenced subsequent Buddhist-Christian dialogue. It is a companion volume to Interactions with Japanese Buddhism: Explorations and Viewpoints in Twentieth Century Kyōto.

Published: Feb 1, 2012


Section Chapter Authors
List of Illustrations Michael Pye
Preface with Acknowledgements Michael Pye
Conventions on Names, Titles and Scripts Michael Pye
General Introduction Michael Pye
Part I Early Interactions
The Buddhist Doctrine of Vicarious Suffering (1927) Kaneko Daiei
Mahāyāna Buddhism and Japanese Culture (1931) Yamabe Shūgaku
The Idea and the Man (a response to Yamabe Shūgaku) (1932) C.A.F. Rhys Davids
A Rejoinder to Mrs. Rhys Davids’ Comment (1932) Yamabe Shūgaku
Editorial from 1934 (Anonymous) Michael Pye
Editorial from 1949 (Anonymous) Michael Pye
Part II Two Presenters of Shin Buddhism
Shin Religion as I Believe it (1951) Kaneko Daiei
The Meaning of Salvation in the Doctrine of Pure Land 61 Buddhism (1965) Kaneko Daiei
Goodness and Naturalness (1951) Kenryō Kanamatsu
Part III Three Western Responses to Shin Buddhism
The Concept of Grace in Paul, Shinran and Luther (1976) Fritz Buri
Nembutsu as Remembrance (1977) Marco Pallis
Shinran’s Way in the Modern World (1978) Alfred Bloom
Part IV Broadening Perspectives for Shin Buddhism
Freedom and Necessity in Shinran’s Concept of Karma (1986) Ueda Yoshifumi
The concept of the Pure Land in the Teaching of Nāgārjuna (1966) Susumu Yamaguchi
The Mahāyāna Structure of Shinran’s Thought (1984) Ueda Yoshifumi
Shinran and Contemporary Thought (1980) Yoshinori Takeuchi
Part V A Dialogue of Shin Buddhism and Zen Buddhism
Shinran’s World: A Dialogue of Shin Buddhism and Zen Buddhism (1961: published in three parts in 1985, 1986 and 1988) Kaneko Daiei, Keiji Nishitani, Soga Ryōjin, Suzuki Daisetsu
Synoptic List of Text Titles
Synoptic List of Text Titles Michael Pye
Character List for Historical Persons
Character List for Historical Persons Michael Pye
Full Details of Original Publication
Full Details of Original Publication Michael Pye
A Note on The Eastern Buddhist
A Note on The Eastern Buddhist Michael Pye
General Index
General Index Michael Pye

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Certainly, for anyone interested in the historical encounter of Shin Buddhism and the West this is a good collection, and the editorial work will be of use. … For most, i.e. those with an interest in Shin Buddhism generally, the encounter of Christian/ Western thought and Shin Buddhism, or in some of the particular figures or issues, there will certainly be some stimulating reading here.

Anyone wishing to gain an historical perspective of Zen and Shin Buddhist contributions to this dialogue should read these essays.
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