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Nick Cave

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This study analyses the work of Nick Cave, a singular, idiosyncratic and brilliant musician, specifically through his engagements with theology and the Bible. It does so not merely in terms of his written work – the novels and plays and poetry and lyrics that he continues to produce – but also the music itself.

­Covering more than three decades of extraordinarily diverse creativity, this book explores such themes as the depravity of the worlds invoked in Cave’s novels and other written work, the consistent invocation of apocalyptic, his restoration of death as a valid dimension of life, the twists of the love song, and the role of a sensual and heretical Christ. This book draws upon a select number of theorists who provide the methodological possibilities of digging deep into the theological nature of Cave’s work, namely Ernst Bloch, the methodological foundation stone, as well as Theodor Adorno, Theodore Gracyk and Jacques Attali.

Published: May 1, 2012


Section Chapter Authors
Contents Roland Boer
Preface Roland Boer
Introduction Roland Boer
Searching the Holy Books Roland Boer
The Total Depravity of Cave’s Literary World Roland Boer
Some Routine Atrocity, or, Apocalyptic Roland Boer
Death Roland Boer
God, Pain and the Love Song Roland Boer
Jesus of the Moon, or, Christology Roland Boer
Hearing Around Corners: Nick Cave Meets Ernst Bloch Roland Boer
End Matter
Conclusion: Gates to the Garden – The Search for Redemption Roland Boer
Notes Roland Boer
Bibliography and Discography Roland Boer
Index of Subjects Roland Boer
Index of Names Roland Boer

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'Boer tackles Nick Cave’s work with a discipline and love that I, as a fan of both men, am grateful for.'
Barry Taylor, Fuller Theological Seminary, Imaginatio et Ratio: A Journal of Theology and the Arts, Volume 1, Issue 2, 2012

'The book will continue to inspire both scholarship about Cave and about the place of the obviously religious in the performances of popular culture.'
Literature and Aesthetics
, 2013