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Genre Pedagogy Across the Curriculum

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This volume provides the most recent scholarship using a theory of genre emerging from Systemic Functional Linguistics. It describes both theoretical and practical applications of a language-based curriculum from elementary through to university level within a U.S. context. While there are other genre-based pedagogies in the U.S., SFL-based genre pedagogies illuminate the importance of language and linguistic choice within the curriculum, aiming to make these choices explicitly understood by scholars, teachers and students. Each chapter shows how this pedagogy can be adapted and used across many different disciplines and student age groups.

This volume will be of interest to postgraduate students and scholars of functional linguistics, discourse analysis, educational linguistics, genre studies and writing theory and pedagogy.

Published: Nov 20, 2014

Book Contributors

Section Chapter Authors
Prelims/Dedication Luciana de Oliveira, Joshua Iddings
List of contributors Luciana de Oliveira, Joshua Iddings
Foreword J.R. Martin
Genre Studies and Language in Education Luciana de Oliveira, Joshua Iddings
Young writers' attempts at making meaning through complex sentence structures while writing a variety of genres María Estela Brisk, Marla De Rosa
Tackling a genre: situating SFL genre pedagogy in a new context Mary Schleppegrell, Jason Moore, Shireen Al-Adeimi, Catherine O'Halloran, Annemarie Palincsar, Carrie Symons
Elementary grade teachers using systemic functional linguistics to inform genre-based writing instruction Frank Daniello
Genre-based principles in a content-based English as a second language classroom Jaime Ramírez
Systemic Functional Linguistics Approach to Teaching Literary Narratives: Semiotic Resource in Generating Critical Language Awareness Ruth Harman, Amber Simmons
Teaching the Book Review: An SFL Approach Benjamin Boche
Filling in the Gaps: Genre as a Scaffold to the Text Types of the Common Core State Standards Michael Maune, Marshall Klassen
Standardized assessments for English language learners: implications of differing expectations Deedra Arvin, Dominique Lowery Franklin
Writing a dissertation proposal: genre expectations Joshua Iddings, Shu-Wen Lan, Luciana de Oliveira
End Matter
Index Luciana de Oliveira