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Book: Genre Pedagogy Across the Curriculum

Chapter: Genre-based principles in a content-based English as a second language classroom

DOI: 10.1558/equinox.24922


English Language Learners are the fastest growing population in US K-12 schools today. Meeting their varied educational needs can be a challenge but also a great opportunity for core content teachers as well as for ESL teachers. This chapter describes the genre-based procedures and pedagogical principles utilized by a ESL instructor who used content-based instruction with his ELL pull out students as a way to prevent them from missing the science content they were not getting at the time of ESL instruction. This chapter demonstrates how systemic functional linguistics and genre-based methodology can be used successfully so that ELLs with developmental needs in English can also attain high levels of academic literacy in the ESL pull out context.

Chapter Contributors

  • Jaime Ramírez ( - jramrez)