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Comparative Perspectives on Colonisation, Maritime Interaction and Cultural Integration

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This volume explores processes of colonisation and cultural integration from the end of the last Ice Age to the present from a cross-cultural and interdisciplinary perspective.

All kinds of human mobility—whether across long or short distances, and whether involving short-term or longer interactions—are potential triggers for change and also cultural integration. The colonisation of an area most clearly brings into focus what kind of social fabric encompassed the actual historical processes. Recent perspectives on the social and cultural embeddedness of exchange, and how objects facilitate constructions of identities and political legitimacy, serve to frame and explicate the role of material culture in such processes.

The contributions to this volume shed light on various social aspects of movement, migration and colonisation among hunter-gatherers and Neolithic groups as well as in chiefdoms and state societies. Geographically, an area spanning from the Mediterranean to central Europe and the North Sea region, Greenland and Siberia is covered. Three social and historical processes - the social aspects of colonisation, cultural integration and maritime interaction - are particularly discussed as interrelated phenomena.

Published: Dec 15, 2016

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Section Chapter Authors
List of Figures Lene Melheim, Håkon Glørstad, Zanette Glørstad
List of Tables Lene Melheim, Håkon Glørstad, Zanette Glørstad
Comparative Perspectives on Past Colonisation, Maritime Interaction and Cultural Integration -- An Introduction Lene Melheim, Håkon Glørstad, Zanette Glørstad
Part 1: Colonisation
1. The Development of the Early Mesolithic Social Networks during the Settlement of Virgin Lands in the Eastern Baltic Sea Zone -- Interpreted through Comparison of Two Sites in Finland Aivar Kriiska, Tapani Rostedt, Timo Jussila
2. The Sicilian World after the Punic Wars: The Greek Colony in a New Reality Roksana Chowaniec
3. When the Romans Arrived in Sardinia: Three Case Studies -- Cornus, Olbia and Nora Cristina Nervi
4. Yakut Food Producers Colonising Areas Occupied by Evenk Hunter-gatherers: Fragments of a Process of Cultural Change Caused by Migration Ole Grøn
Part 2: Maritime Interaction
5. Past Mirrors: Thucydides, Sahlins and the Bronze and Viking Ages Zanette Glørstad, Lene Melheim
6. Nothing to Lose: Waterborne Raiding in Southern Scandinavia Christian Horn
7. Migration, Identity and Material Culture: Hanseatic Translocality in the Medieval Baltic Sea Magdalena Naum
8. Pirates of the North Sea: The Viking Ship as Political Space Neil Price
9. Bronze Age Vikings? A Comparative Analysis of Deep Historical Structures and Their Dynamics Kristian Kristiansen
Part 3: Cultural Integration
10. Exploring New Territories, Expanding Frontiers: Bowmen and Prospectors on the Scandinavia Peninsula in the Third Millennium BC Lene Melheim, Christopher Prescott
11. Spreading Ideas: Late Bronze Age Face-urn Burials across Northern Europe and the Baltic Sea Jutta Kneisel
12. Long-term Cosmological Interconnectedness and Long-distance Trade: Cosmology and Comparative Advantage in the Bronze Age and Beyond Mike Rowlands, Johan Ling
13. In the Footsteps of the Vikings: Children and Cultural Change Dawn Hadley
14. Thoughts of a Comparativist on Past Colonisation, Maritime Interaction and Cultural Integration Matthew Spriggs
End Matter
Index Lene Melheim, Håkon Glørstad, Zanette Glørstad

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The collected works represent a valuable and thought-provoking addition to the current corpus of comparative literature on this topic, providing a number of case studies that can be examined and discussed in wider contexts.