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Creativity and Discovery in the University Writing Class

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Creativity and Discovery in the University Writing Class: A Teacher’s Guide presents ideas for teaching writing at university level which recognize the need in the current world to be continually innovating in response to rapidly changing student populations and conditions, including advances in media and writing technologies. The volume emphasizes the creativity of all forms of writing and the important role of discovery in teaching, learning, and the acquisition of knowledge of all kinds.

The volume brings together distinguished scholars in writing pedagogy from different educational and cultural contexts who took part in a Summer Institute on Creativity and Discovery in the Teaching of Writing at City University of Hong Kong in June 2013. Designed for teachers of writing based on lectures and workshops given at the summer institute, the collection offers both theoretical insights and practical suggestions for classroom activities that teachers of writing will be able to go to for materials and guidance.

Published: Jul 10, 2015

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Section Chapter Authors
Dedication Alice Chik, Tracey Costley, Martha Pennington
Editor's Preface Alice Chik, Tracey Costley, Martha Pennington
Contributors Alice Chik, Tracey Costley, Martha Pennington
1. Towards a Creativity and Discovery-based University Writing Curriculum Tracey Costley, Alice Chik, Martha Pennington
Part 1: Framing Creativity and Discovery in the Teaching and Learning of Writing
2. Creativity in Language Teaching Jack Richards
3. Creating Identities in an Intertextual World Charles Bazerman
4. Writing Creativity and Discovery: Process and Pedagogy Martha Pennington
Part 2: Enlarging the View of Genre and Community in Academic Writing
5. Writing Differently: Creating Different Spaces for Student Learning Fiona English
6. Creative Approaches to Research-Based Essays Theresa Malphrus Welford
7. Local Voices, Global Imagination: Using Ethnography as a Creative Approach to Student Research and Academic Writing Pauline Burton
8. Reconsidering the Essay's Definition in the University Classroom: Writing, Disjunction and the Active Nature of Thought Olivia Archibald
9. The Wide World of Nonfiction: Breaking Barriers of Form to Empower and Improve Student Writing Sonya Huber
Part 3: Applying Techniques from Creative Writing and Literature to University Writing
10. The Creative "I" Workshop Xu Xi
11. Travel Writing without Leaving Home Robin Hemley
12. May the Farce Be with You: Reflections on "Extreme Puppet Theater" as a Vehicle toward Something Else Mark Spitzer
13. Highways and Sinkholes: Incorporating Creativity Strategies in the Writing Classroom Shirley Lim
Part 4: Supporting Creativity and Discovery in Composing Multimedia Texts
14. Watching/Reading: Graphic Narratives and University Writing Jeffrey Mather
15. Re-Presenting Academic Writing to Popular Audiences: Using Digital Infographics and Timelines David Gruber
16. Online Writing as a Discovery Process: Synchronous Collaboration Brian King
17. Mashing, Modding, and Memeing: Writing for a New Generation of University Students Rodney Jones
End Matter
Author Index Alice Chik, Tracey Costley, Martha Pennington
Subject Index Alice Chik, Tracey Costley, Martha Pennington

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