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Book: Creativity and Discovery in the University Writing Class

Chapter: 10. The Creative "I" Workshop

DOI: 10.1558/equinox.27775


For the 2013 Summer Institute on Creativity and Discovery in the Teaching of University Writing held at City University of Hong Kong, I taught a highly modified version of the standard M.F.A. writing workshop which was titled The Creative “I.” The modification was designed for beginning writers or academic writers or college teachers of writing. The audience in mind is one that may not necessarily have previously written creative literary work or those who have never written or desired to write such work, unlike an M.F.A. workshop of those accepted for study in graduate level creative writing programs. The objective was to introduce some of the approaches and thinking which creative writers use in M.F.A. teaching to this audience in order to give them new tools that might be usefully applied to the teaching of various other forms of college writing. This paper discusses that experience.

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