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Peripheral Concerns

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Peripheral Concerns examines the influence of one “core” region of the ancient Near Eastern world—Egypt—on urban development in the southern Levant in the Early and Middle Bronze Ages, with emphasis on the relative stability and sustainability of this development in each era. The study utilizes a very broad scale “macro” approach to examine urban development using core-periphery theories, specifically in regard to southern Levantine-Egyptian interactions. While many studies examine urban development in both the Early Bronze Age and the Middle Bronze Age, few compare this phenomenon in the two periods. Likewise, there are few studies of urban development in the southern Levant that compare contemporary Egyptian policies in that region to those in Nubia, despite the fact that Egyptian activities linked the eastern Mediterranean, the Nile Valley, and Nubia into one interactive system. The broad chronological and geographic framework utilized in this study therefore allows for a new approach to urban development in the southern Levant.

Published: Apr 10, 2016

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Section Chapter Authors
List of Figures Susan Cohen
List of Tables Susan Cohen
Preface and Acknowledgements Susan Cohen
Introduction and Overview Susan Cohen
Urban Development: Models and Frameworks Susan Cohen
The Early Bronze Age Susan Cohen
The Middle Bronze Age Susan Cohen
Egypt and Nubia Susan Cohen
Bronze Age Urban Development in the Southern Levant Susan Cohen
Appendix 1: Early and Middle Bronze Age site list Susan Cohen
Appendix 2: Egyptian material from the Protodynastic Period through the Middle Kingdom found in the southern Levant, Sinai, Nubia, and the Deserts and Oases Susan Cohen
Appendix 3: List of Egyptian Middle Kingdom Fortresses in Nubia Susan Cohen
End Matter
References Susan Cohen
Index Susan Cohen


A lovely survey of a lot of material which is very helpful and informative for the EBA/MBA period. Cohen offers a new perspective on the importance of Egypt in the southern Levant which is valuable for scholars to mull over.
Professor Suzanne Richard, Department of History and Archaeology, Gannon University, Pennsylvania

A useful introduction to the current state of the study of urban development in the southern Levant. Provides a thought provoking model ... and furnishes a helpful starting point for future studies.
Journal of Ancient Egyptian Interconnections

Cohen’s Peripheral Concerns
will undoubtedly be much consulted by Egyptologists and Near Eastern archaeologists alike and should not be missed in academic libraries.