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The Beatles in Perspective

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The Beatles’ lives and work continue to delight fans and influence musicians half a century since their heyday. Yet their contribution to contemporary culture and their relationship to social change remain controversial topics in need of reappraisal. This collection brings together fourteen leading scholars of The Beatles to examine their origins, output and legacy. Interdisciplinary in its approach and international is its outlook, The Beatles in Perspective showcases the latest research by historians, literary critics, musicologists, sociologists, poets and cultural critics bringing new perspectives on The Beatles and their milieu which will interest academics and fans alike. This book explores the relationship between The Beatles and their times, situating them in the changing class, gender and ethnic dynamics of postwar Britain, and considers them as Liverpudlians, Orientalists, and creative pioneers.

Published: Jul 25, 2023


Section Chapter Authors
Acknowledgements James McGrath, Peter Mills
Introduction James McGrath, Peter Mills
Part One: Culture and History
1. "Where You Once Belonged": Class, Race and Liverpool Roots of Lennon and McCartney’s Songs James McGrath
2. Notes on The Beatles from a Black Liverpudlian Perspective Mark Christian
3. From Liverpool to Tibet: 'Tomorrow Never Knows' and the Troubled Path to the East Sharif Gemie
4. "Magical Mystery Tour": Suburbia and Utopia in Music and Films of The Beatles Jonathan Goss
5. The Bohemian Beatles Colin Campbell
6. Interlude 1: Growing up with The Beatles Russell Reising, Peter Mills, James McGrath
Part Two: Audience, Fanhood, Interpretation
7. “My Name’s Ringo and I Play the Drums”: Being a Beatles’ Fan in the Age of Interactivity Stephanie Fremaux
8. The Beatles and Fandom Richard Mills
9. "Some kind of innocence...": Beatles Monthly and the Fan Community Mike Kirkup
10. "Misunderstanding All You See": Charles Manson Reading the Beatles at the End of the World Gerry Carlin, Mark Jones
11. Interlude 2: The Beatles, Interpretation and Influence Russell Reising, Peter Mills, James McGrath
Part Three: Savoy Truffles: Further Perspectives
12. Paul in the Picture: Anatomy of a Snapshot Martin Malone
13. The American Beetles: How a Fake Beatles Band Defined a Movement, Changed a Culture, and Beat the Beatles at Their Own Game Ed Prideaux
14. Interlude 3: Listening and Remembering Russell Reising, Peter Mills, James McGrath
End Matter
Index James McGrath, Peter Mills