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Contemporary Puritan Salafism

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This volume addresses issues of authority and authenticity related to contemporary interpretations of Islam in a minority setting. Salafism is a contemporary multifaceted and global phenomenon that represents a fundamentalist interpretative stance which appears to be growing among minority Muslims. This book studies a Salafi group in Sweden that is puritan in the sense of avoiding political participation and rejecting jihadism. They strive to imitate the lives of the first generations of Muslims and the prophet Muhammad within their own minority setting, surrounded by a society which in their view is characterized by immorality and capitalism. The group recommends segregation, or even emigration, as a strategy in order to enable people to live proper Muslim lives, in preparation for the Hereafter.

Published: Apr 10, 2019

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Section Chapter Authors
Acknowledgments Susanne Olsson
Note on Transliteration and Terminology Susanne Olsson
Chapter 1
Introduction Susanne Olsson
Chapter 2
Tradition and Authority Susanne Olsson
Chapter 3
Salafi Islam Susanne Olsson
Chapter 4
The Local Puritan Group Susanne Olsson
Chapter 5
Jurisprudence and Sources Susanne Olsson
Chapter 6
Da‘wah – The Call to Islam Susanne Olsson
Chapter 7
Constructing In-Group and Out-Group Susanne Olsson
End Matter
Epilogue Susanne Olsson
Glossary Susanne Olsson
Bibliography Susanne Olsson
Index Susanne Olsson


This is an excellent work about traditionalist Sunni theology as a vision of the world, incorporating doctrine, rituals and ethics as embraced by a marginal Swedish Salafi group. I highly recommend it as a thorough, skilled and precise analysis of the tenets of contemporary Salafism.
Abdessamad Belhaj, Catholic University of Louvain, Islam and Christian-Muslim Relations