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Archaeology, Politics and Islamicate Cultural Heritage in Europe

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Archaeology, Politics and Islamicate Cultural Heritage in Europe responds to the wishes of specialists in the history and archaeology of Islamicate societies in Europe to explore the integration of these societies into historical narratives. In order to deal with the multiple implications and wide ramifications of the subject matter, the book offers a collection of papers that cover a broad range of topics, including historiography, gender and family studies, material culture, historical and contemporary identities, historical heritage management, and archaeological theory, while paying attention to the peculiarities of the record in European regions in which Islamicate societies have played a major historical role (and others in which this role may not be quite so obvious, such as Scandinavia). These wide-ranging subjects find their commonality in the book’s aim of challenging the dominant simplifying narratives and their stress on interruption and exception.

The impact of historical narratives in national and social identities is reflected in a wide range of issues, including school curricula, heritage management, the organisation of academic departments, the presentation of Islamicate history and archaeology in the media and the politics of identity of majority and minority groups. The volume does not avoid these questions, but tackles them head-on, challenging the unwillingness of some academics to engage in potentially disruptive political issues.

Published: Apr 22, 2022

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Section Chapter Authors
List of Figures David J. Govantes-Edwards
List of Tables David J. Govantes-Edwards
Foreword Bethany Walker
Background and Overview
1. Introduction David J. Govantes-Edwards
2. Shooting Ourselves in the Foot: A Personal Take on the Political Chloë Duckworth
The Western Mediterranean
3. Politics and the History of al-Andalus David J. Govantes-Edwards
4. Gendered Pasts: Women in al-Andalus Mikel Herrán, Nicola Clarke
5. Accentuating the Ordinary: Pottery and Everyday Life in Islamic Sicily Veronica Testolini, Peter Day
6. Rethinking the Borders of Islamic Art: Paterna Ceramics from the Fourteenth Century to Today Anna McSweeney
7. The Last Islamicate Society in South-western Europe: The Projection of Power in the Nasrid Kingdom of Granada Alberto García Porras
8. Damnatio Memoriae: Islamic Medieval Archaeology in the Balearic Island of Menorca Amalia Perez-Juez, Elena Sintes Olives
The Balkans
9. The Material Past of the Other: The Ottoman Architectural Heritage of Greek Macedonia Ioannis Stavridopoulos
10. Between Transculturation and Re-enculturation: The Gravestones of Ottoman Bosnia and Europe's Islamicate Archaeology Amila Buturovic
11. The Central Bazaar in the City of Bolgar on the Volga Vladimir Koval, Denis Yurievich Badeev
12. Nomadic Islam: An Archaeological Approach to the Islamization of the Caspian Steppe Irina Shingiray
13. From "Islamic Art" to "Muslim Heritage": The Display of Islam in Museums of Europe and Beyond Virginie Rey
14. Islamicate Archaeology and its Counter-Narratives Philip Wood
End Matter
Index David J. Govantes-Edwards