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Monographs in Islamic Archaeology

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Monographs in Islamic Archaeology is a series dedicated to the promotion of innovative and state-of-the-art scholarship on Islamic societies, polities, and communities, from an archaeological perspective. The volumes are problem-oriented, data-rich, theoretically sound, and methodologically innovative studies of archaeological sites and corpuses. The range of studies span the Islamic periods (7th century CE until today), and represent the Islamic world on its global scale. The range of topics invited for the series is wide, including not only carefully argued and interpreted final excavation, survey, and ceramic reports, but also studies from other disciplines that are of direct relevance to Islamic archaeology, such as historical geography, art history, history, numismatics, ethnography, heritage management, and environmental studies, if they include archaeological material. Monographs may include revised doctoral dissertations. We particularly welcome comparative, transregional, and multi-disciplinary studies. Studies of unprovenanced artifacts, conference volumes (which are better suited to the journal), and descriptive field reports and exhibition or museum catalogues will not be considered. Submissions to the series will follow the Style Guide of the Journal of Islamic Archaeology and will be subjected to the same rigorous peer-review process.