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The Reflective Cycle of the Teaching Practicum

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This book focuses on the practice cycle, or practicum, of ELT education programs. Practice teaching is a key component of all good education programs, and provides a forum for novice teachers to begin to cross the theory-practice divide in a way which allows them to try out ideas in a classroom setting. This typically happens after a period of theoretical induction and the observation of more experienced teachers, and can often begin in a very scaffolded way through micro- or team-teaching, before moving to more independence. At all stages of this practice-oriented process, reflection is a fundamental and obligatory underlying principle, the integration of which leads to informed decisions on change implementation to improve teaching.

The book begins with a theoretical and research-informed introduction to both Reflective Practice (RP) and the practicum, followed by definitions and typologies. Various tools and sources of evidence to support the RP process during the practicum are investigated, using many data-rich examples from the authors’ own and others’ professional contexts over a number of years. These are applied to observation of more experienced teachers and self-observation of one’s own practice as facilitators of informed decisions for change. Finally, the process of RP as a life-long developmental practice is explored.

Published: Jul 25, 2023


Section Chapter Authors
Series Editor's Preface Thomas Farrell
Acknowledgements Fiona Farr, Angela Farrell
List of Acronyms Fiona Farr, Angela Farrell
Chapter 1
An Introduction to Reflective Practice and the Practicum Fiona Farr, Angela Farrell
Chapter 2
Frameworks and Approaches for Reflecting on Practice Fiona Farr, Angela Farrell
Chapter 3
Preparing for Teaching: Social Learning, Mentors and Observations Fiona Farr, Angela Farrell
Chapter 4
Reflecting on Preparation and Planning Fiona Farr, Angela Farrell
Chapter 5
Reflecting on the L2 Classroom Environment Fiona Farr, Angela Farrell
Chapter 6
Reflecting on Teaching Grammar, Vocabulary, and Pronunciation Fiona Farr, Angela Farrell
Chapter 7
Reflecting on Teacher Talk and Interactional Skills Fiona Farr, Angela Farrell
Chapter 8
Post-Observation Feedback: A Tale of Two Teachers Fiona Farr, Angela Farrell
Chapter 9
Conclusions and Looking Forward Fiona Farr, Angela Farrell
End Matter
References Fiona Farr, Angela Farrell
Index Fiona Farr, Angela Farrell


This title more than most on the same topic, manages to clarify the value of RP to ELT practitioners.
El Gazette

The strength of this book lies not just in imparting knowledge but in instigating a transformative process. The presented case studies inspire educators to embark on their own reflective exploration. The Reflective Cycle of the Teaching Practicum becomes a valuable companion, encouraging continuous reflection, adaptation, and refinement of pedagogical approaches. With its fusion of practical guidance and scholarly research, it stands as a testament to the enduring power of reflective practice in shaping language education.