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Assessing Speaking

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As demonstrated in Fulcher’s (2015) research timeline article on assessing second language speaking, research into speaking assessment has advanced rapidly in recent years. New ways of assessing speaking are now available due to stakeholder demands, construct expansion and technological advances. However, since Fulcher’s (2003) and Luoma’s (2004) books, published at the beginning of the 21st century, there has not been a book devoted to assessing speaking in a comprehensive manner, and therefore there is a need for such a book to cover current and future developments in speaking assessment.

Assessing Speaking provides a clear description and discussion on several emerging issues and their implications. The main emerging themes discussed are the relationship between the classroom and high-stakes oral testing, the expanding construct(s) of speaking tests, and the uses of technology in speaking assessment. Each section is focused on one of these three issues and starts with a short preface presenting an overview of the theme. Each chapter includes discussion of the literature of the specific aspect of L2 speaking assessment, presents empirical research on the topic with some examples while highlighting recent developments in research and practice in that aspect, and then identifies areas for future research.

Published: Oct 1, 2025