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Mediterranean Resilience

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The aim of this volume is to examine various forms of adaptation adopted by coastal societies in the ancient Mediterranean in response to external pressures they occasionally experienced. The investigation spans the longue durée stretching from the epi-paleolithic to the Medieval period. In terms of the pressures at issue, special attention is given to the impact of two groups of variables: climate and sea level changes on the one hand, and fluctuations in political circumstances connected with the domination of empires, on the other hand. For adaptation, the volume analyses modes of coastal residence, subsistence, and maritime connectivity, not as a static feature, constant throughout history, but as a process that requires permanent adjustments due to changes in environmental, social and political conditions. Methodologically, various forms of case studies are employed, isolating thematic issues, geographic micro-regions, temporal boundaries, and disciplinary perspectives, ultimately seeking to embrace as wide an array of phenomena as possible in the human experience of collapse and adaptation.

Published: Jul 1, 2022

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Section Chapter Authors
Chapter 1
Micro-geoarchaeology: An Essential Component in the Detection and Decipherment of Collapse, Resilience and Adaptation Ruth Shahack-Gross
Chapter 2
Mind the Gap: Coastal Zone Integration of Geoarchaeological Tools for Understanding Human - Environment Interaction along North West Israel Gilad Shtienberg
Chapter 3
The Maritime Neolithic: An Evaluation of Marine Adaptation in Eastern Mediterranean Prehistory Chelsea Wiseman
Chapter 4
The Early Bronze Age I Settlement Patterns along the Coast of Israel Bearing Evidence for Micro- and Macro-regional Interactions Roey Nickelsberg, Assaf Yasur-Landau, Ruth Shahack-Gross
Chapter 5
Cypriot Pottery as an Indicator for Adaptive Trade Networks Brigid Clark
Chapter 6
The Collapse of the Mycenaean Palaces Revisited Philipp Stockhammer
Chapter 7
Bronze Age Shipwreck Assemblages – Indicators of Maritime Activity along the Israeli Coast Ehud Galili, Baruch Rosen
Chapter 8
The Collapse of Cultures at the End of the Late Bronze Age in the Aegean and Eastern Mediterranean: New Developments and Continuing Questions Eric Cline
Chapter 9
Marine Adaptation and Social Change in the Southern Levant during the Iron I and II Periods Ehud Arkin Shalev, Assaf Yasur-Landau
Chapter 10
Identities in the Coastal Hellenistic Levant: Adaptive and Non-Adaptive Traits Eleonora Bedin
Chapter 11
Anthropogenic Erosion from Hellenistic to Recent Times in the Northern Gulf of Corinth, Greece Katrina Cantu, Richard Norris, George Papatheodorou, Ioannis Liritzis, Dafna Langgut, Maria Geraga, Thomas Levy
Chapter 12
Negev Fragility and Mediterranean Prosperity in Late Antiquity Gil Gambash
Chapter 13
Ancient Maya Collapses and Renascences Geoffrey Braswell