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Arabic Learning in Context

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Arabic Learning in Context: Syria from Peaceful Reform to Civil War is designed as an engaging and interactive contemporary resource for advanced Arabic learners. It immerses Arabic language students in the events of Syria’s transition from peaceful reform efforts to civil war, beginning in 2011 and continuing through the present day.

In Arabic Learning in Context: Syria from Peaceful Reform to Civil War, students apply the Arabic language in the context of currents events, sharpen their Arabic writing skills and increase their cultural understanding. Using the book’s structured approach, students invent personas and speak through the voices of diverse characters who are somehow involved in Syrian events. Writing in first-person narrative, students’ journal entries bear witness to the first days of the nascent uprising, through its descent into a brutal civil war, and into Syria’s uncertain future.

The textbook includes a glossary, Web and video links, project rubrics, technology project tutorials and more. The accompanying website provides unit-based listening clips, YouTube links, vocabulary and other resources.

Published: Oct 1, 2024

Section Chapter Authors
Chapter 1
No Destruction! We Want Reforms! Abdelkader Berrahmoun
Chapter 2
Friday of Glory Abdelkader Berrahmoun
Chapter 3
Free Syrian Army Abdelkader Berrahmoun
Chapter 4
Family Life Under Siege Abdelkader Berrahmoun
Chapter 5
Renewing Hope and the Eid Celebration Abdelkader Berrahmoun
Chapter 6
Refugees Abdelkader Berrahmoun
Chapter 7
Checkpoints Abdelkader Berrahmoun
Chapter 8
Syria and the International Community Abdelkader Berrahmoun
Chapter 9
Looking to the Future Abdelkader Berrahmoun
End Matter
Postscript Abdelkader Berrahmoun
Character Reflections Abdelkader Berrahmoun
Guided Reflection Abdelkader Berrahmoun
List of Web and Video Resources Abdelkader Berrahmoun
Vocabulary Master List Abdelkader Berrahmoun