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Judaism in Five Minutes

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Judaism in Five Minutes provides an accessible and lively introduction to common questions about Jews and Judaism, with a focus on Jewish communities, textual traditions, practices, rituals, laws, holidays, and life-cycle events that inform different Jewish identities. As with other volumes in the Religion in 5 Minutes series, this volume is suitable for beginning students and general readers through a series of general questions, succinctly answered by experts in the field. Some of the questions addressed in this volume include the following: What are the Hebrew scriptures? What is the Talmud? What is a rabbi? Was Jesus a Jew? Why don’t Jews celebrate Christmas? What is antisemitism? What is the Holocaust? What is Passover? What are the Jewish High Holidays? What is the Jewish calendar? What is Kashrut? Do Jews believe in a messiah? What is Zionism? What is Kabbalah?

Because each chapter can be read in about five minutes, the books offer ideal supplementary resources in classrooms or an engaging read for those curious about the world around them.

Published: Feb 1, 2024