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If I Forget You, Jerusalem!

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This selection of articles – never published in English before – reflects the author's position that the basic realization of minimalism has always been evident: that the Old Testament is not – exclusively – a book about history but is dominated by interests in theology both as literature and as an expression of the community in which biblical writings originated. It is a companion volume to his 2022 book Back to Reason: Minimalism in Biblical Studies and both gives an impression of the progress of biblical studies over the last generation or two but also presents a series of new ideas about subjects such as cultural memory, the redaction of Psalms, the importance of prophetic literature also for Christian theology and much more.

Published: May 1, 2024

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Section Chapter Authors
1. "If I Forget you, Jerusalem!" Niels Peter Lemche
2. Emphatic Time in the Old Testament Niels Peter Lemche
3. Justice as Pre-existing World Order Niels Peter Lemche
4. Messiah in the Book of Isaiah Niels Peter Lemche
5. Old Testament Texts as Rewritten Literature Niels Peter Lemche
6. Psalm 2: Between Past and Future Niels Peter Lemche
7. The Introduction to David's Psalms: New Reflections on Psalm 2 Niels Peter Lemche
8. Sociology and Prophetical Literature Niels Peter Lemche
9. History and Memory in the Old Testament Niels Peter Lemche
10. On History, Sociology, and Theology: Old Testament Perspectives Niels Peter Lemche
11. On Historical Memory in the Historiography of the Old Testament Niels Peter Lemche
12. Ezra and the Pentateuch Niels Peter Lemche
13. What have We Done and Where are We Moving? Personal Remarks about a Change of Paradigm Niels Peter Lemche
14. Après le déluge: The Copenhagen School or Chaos? Niels Peter Lemche
15. The History of Israel’s Religion and the History of Israel: Identical or Different Niels Peter Lemche
16. Geography as Memory Niels Peter Lemche
17. Israel and its Land Niels Peter Lemche
18. Israel as an Ideological Construction Niels Peter Lemche
19. The Relevance of Social-critical Exegesis for Old Testament Theology Niels Peter Lemche
272 BCE - A terminus a quo Niels Peter Lemche