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Discourses in Ancient Near Eastern and Biblical Studies

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This series presents different studies of interpretative discourses, cultural representations and historiographical ideologies about the societies of the ancient Near East, ancient Egypt and Biblical scenarios appearing during the 19th and 20th centuries. The aim is to expose, deconstruct and analyze the ways in which ancient Near Eastern and Biblical societies, cultures and histories were shaped by different streams of Western scholarship dealing with antiquity in the so-called Middle East (Assyriology, Egyptology, Biblical studies, Near Eastern & Biblical archaeology), but also by artistic expressions like literature and film, while attending to the main ideologies of the historiographical contexts of the last two centuries.

Editorial Board:
Marcelo Campagno (University of Buenos Aires) – Felicity Cobbing (Palestine Exploration Fund) – Deane Galbraith (University of Otago) – Agnès Garcia-Ventura (University of Barcelona) – Kevin McGeough (University of Lethbridge) – Lorenzo Verderame (University of Rome) – Melanie Wasmuth (University of Helsinki)