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Turntable Stories

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Turntable Stories is an anthology of stories, memories and histories. It explores global turntable and vinyl record cultures through creative non-fiction forms such as memoir, essays, autoethnography, personal histories and reflection. It explores experiences of club culture and of bedroom mixing. It investigates niche scenes and subcultures and how they manifest in global spaces and contexts. It also features the magic of our first turntables or the decks we learnt to mix on. Chapters are broad and cultural as well as specific and personal. These stories are funny, heart-breaking and weird (or all of these things at once). Contributors are DJs, collectors, researchers, scholars and lovers of musical culture. What’s important is the foregrounding of narratives that explore our relationship with our decks, what we use them for and how they shape our musical and cultural selfhood.

Published: Feb 1, 2026


Section Chapter Authors
Introduction Fraser Mann, Helen Pleasance, Robert Edgar
Chapter 1
‘Is that R2D2 on vocals?’ Me and the 303 Fraser Mann
Chapter 2
Chipboard and Smoked Glass Robert Edgar
Chapter 3
Vinyl Anxiety Helen Pleasance
Chapter 4
Shared Records: Memory, Collecting and Generational Stories Amy McCarthy
Chapter 5
Professors’ Plays Ethan Caldwell
Chapter 6
Vintage DJing at Konrad Tönz, Berlin Carlo Nardi
Chapter 7
Analogue Lives: BYO Records in a Melbourne Club Catherine Padmore
Chapter 8
Another Dimension Dawn Amber Harvey
Chapter 9
White Midi: Memories of an Alba Matt Colbeck
Chapter 10
The Party Guglielmo Bottin
Chapter 11
Rid of Me: Vinyl Records, Personal Histories and the Burden of Collecting Liam Maloney
Chapter 12
It Landed Matt Leonard
Chapter 13
On the Love of House Party DJing Melissa Bel Gil
Chapter 14
What Do DJs Do? Mike Callander
Chapter 15
Sounds Where I Live: Residential Expatriate DJs and Stories Sounding of Saigon Nguyễn Minh Tiến
Chapter 16
Freedom and Jazz Philip Arneill
Chapter 17
Vinyl Disruptions Prasad Bidaye
Chapter 18
But How Do I Play Them? Kevin Narrainen
Chapter 19
Restricted Other Lucy Sweetman