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Book: Turntable Stories

Chapter: On the Love of House Party DJing

DOI: 10.1558/equinox.46294


Playing music with friends makes me happy. There is something about the shared experience that lifts me up and although many people raise an eyebrow when skimming through my record collection, I can assure you that if they were standing in a room surrounded by people dancing and singing along to that 7” they would also be feeling the joy that can come from a good old bit of classic eighties pop found in the singles box in Oxfam on Kentish Town Road.

This chapter tries to communicate that not only can standing behind the decks be a great way to hide from the party whilst also being part of the party, but somehow finding the right records to play in the right order for a group of people who are unwittingly relying on you to make a soundtrack of the night and keep the fun going in to the early hours…and nailing it, can somehow be one of the most uplifting and connective human moments that you’ll experience.

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