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Book: System and Corpus

Chapter: A corpus-based study of the conjunction kɔ:3 in Thai: an exploration of textual resources

DOI: 10.1558/equinox.19150


Here I will further explore the conjunctions kɔ:3 and cɨŋ 1 as part of the system of conjunction in Thai narrative discourse, using a corpus-based methodology. The corpus-based research involves investigating the characteristics of the conjunctions kɔ:3 and cɨŋ . A number of tales are analysed to identify the particular features of these conjunctions. The different conditions of conjunction usage are quantified. This study is part of a complete study of the systems of Thai based on corpus evidence. It demonstrates a method of working from analysis of a corpus to the derivation of a probabilistic system.

Chapter Contributors

  • Pattama Patpong ( - patpong) 'Macquarie University'