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System and Corpus

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This book is the first to combine interests in two currently popular approaches to language description, both of which are based on the observation of naturally-occurring, as opposed to invented, language. Systemic Functional Linguistics is a theory that focuses on meaning, choice and probability in language and on language as a social phenomenon. Corpus Linguistics is a practice, rather than a theory: a corpus is a large collection of texts that are used as the basis for language description. It is natural that SFL should turn to corpora as a source of information about grammatical preference, probability and variety, and some of the papers in this collection explore this dimension of the interaction between system and corpus. Conversely, corpus linguists have made generalisations about language that contextualize but also challenge the assumptions of SFL. Some of the papers in the collection expand on this theme. A concluding paper by M.A.K. Halliday responds to the issues raised. The book will therefore be of interest to students and researchers involved in either of these two influential topics in linguistics.

Published: Mar 1, 2006


Section Chapter Authors
Preface Geoff Thompson, Susan Hunston
Contributors Geoff Thompson, Susan Hunston
System and corpus: two traditions with a common ground Geoff Thompson, Susan Hunston
Corpus analysis: the state of the art and three types of unanswered questions Michael Stubbs
Language as choice: what is chosen? Michael Hoey
Phraseology and system: a contribution to the debate Susan Hunston
Systemic incorporation: on the relationship between corpus and systemic functional grammar Gordon Tucker
Frequency profiles of some basic grammatical systems: an interim report Christian Matthiessen
Matching corpus data and system networks: using corpora to modify and extend the system networks for transitivity in English Amy Neale
Multimodal corpus linguistics Paul J. Thibault, Paul Thibault
How to handle lexical semantics in SFL: a corpus study of purposes for using size adjectives Serge Sharoff
Pain expressions in Japanese Motoko Hori
A corpus-based study of the conjunction kɔ:3 in Thai: an exploration of textual resources Pattama Patpong
From concordance to text: appraising ‘giving’ in Alma Mater donation requests Donna R. Miller
Culture related linguistic differences in tourist websites: the emotive and the factual. A corpus analysis within the framework of Appraisal Martin Kaltenbacher
Afterwords M.A.K. Halliday
Index Geoff Thompson, Susan Hunston

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