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Book: Essays in Speech Processes

Chapter: Introduction: The Animal-to-Human Speech Connection- Harvey Sussman’s conjectures

DOI: 10.1558/equinox.22362


The brain is a complicated and intricately woven structure relative to other body tissues. It is the ultimate parallel processing system, but nevertheless an alien structure whose way and manner of workings remain largely unknown despite an amazing amount of information amassed over the years from concerted research efforts. One area of interest to diverse scholars in the humanities and biological sciences is how the brain deals with speech, especially the coordination of incoming and outgoing signals. Essays in Speech Processes presents reports of theoretical and experimental studies from extant researches specifically dwelling the areas of: phonetics, neurolinguistics, neuroethology, and stuttering.The major aim of the anthology is scholarly; the goal is to advance our understanding of theories in the resolution of acoustic and perceptual invariance, i.e., coarticulation and related issues with original and previously unpublished studies from current and active scholars from different sub-fields in linguistics. The contributors will like to dedicate their essays to Harvey Sussman in recognition of his extensive and influential teachings and scholarship.

Chapter Contributors

  • Augustine Agwuele ( - augustine) 'Texas State University'
  • Celeste Domsch ( - cdomsch) 'Texas State University'