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Essays in Speech Processes

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The brain is a complicated and intricately woven structure relative to other body tissues. It is the ultimate parallel processing system, but nevertheless an alien structure whose way and manner of workings remain largely unknown despite an amazing amount of information amassed over the years from concerted research efforts. One area of interest to diverse scholars in the humanities and biological sciences is how the brain deals with speech, especially the coordination of incoming and outgoing signals. Essays in Speech Processes presents reports of theoretical and experimental studies from extant researches specifically dwelling the areas of: phonetics, neurolinguistics, neuroethology, and stuttering.

Published: Jan 8, 2016

Book Contributors

Section Chapter Authors
CV of Harvey Sussman Lori Holt
Chapter 1
Introduction: The Animal-to-Human Speech Connection- Harvey Sussman’s conjectures Augustine Agwuele, Celeste Domsch
Chapter 2
Relativity in speech perception: From locus equations to predictive coding Bob McMurray, Ariane Rhone, Kayleen Hannaway
Chapter 3
The Frame Problem in Speech Communication: Defining the Dimensional Space for Phonetic Categorization Andrew Lotto, Lori Holt
Chapter 4
Perceptual cues in Korean fricatives Goun Lee, Allard Longman
Chapter 5
Context Effects in Speech: Talker Normalization or Relative Auditory Perception Antonia Vitela, Andrew Lotto
Chapter 6
Music training and the neural processing of speech: A critical review of the literature Bharath Chandrasekaran, Zilong Xie, Rachel Reetzke
Chapter 7
Effects of Syllable Complexity on Vowel Formant Variability in Acquired Apraxia of Speech Sarah Key-DeLyria, Adam Jacks, Thomas P Marquardt
Chapter 8
Speed and Accuracy of Picture Naming in Adults Who Stutter: The Influence of Phonetic Complexit Courtney Byrd, Geoffrey Coalson, Jie Yang, Kirsten Moriarty
Chapter 9
Linguistic Considerations for Persons with Hearing Loss Linda Thibodeau
Chapter 10
The Locus Equation as an Index of Auditory Access for Children with Hearing Loss Helen Morrison
Chapter 11
Person-Centeredness, Culture and Communication in Dementia Care: An International Investigation of the Views of Medical Students Tony Young, Ellen St. Clair Tullo, Richard Lee
Chapter 12
Profiling individual differences in speech production Sandra Whiteside
Chapter 13
An investigation of locus equations in cited versus spontaneous speech in Persian Golnaz Modarresi Ghavami
Chapter 14
A Functional Role for Coarticulation: A Locus Equation Perspective Harvey Sussman
Chapter 15
Interaction of Yoruba Tones with VCV Segments: A Research Note Augustine Agwuele
Chapter 16
Harvey Sussman’s Scientific Contributions: A Brief Summary and Assessment Randy Diehl
End Matter
To My Friend Harvey Sussman: Neuro-Phonetician and Master of One-Liners Bjorn Lindblom
Index Augustine Agwuele, Andrew Lotto