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Book: Essays in Speech Processes

Chapter: Context Effects in Speech: Talker Normalization or Relative Auditory Perception

DOI: 10.1558/equinox.22366


Guided by simple, general and neutrally plausible explanation to questions pertaining to speech perception phenomena, we examine a classic speech phenomenon – extrinsic talker normalization – and search for general perceptual explanations. In particular, we present a series of experiments that cast doubt on traditional explanations based on the extraction of talker-specific acoustic-phonetic maps or estimations of vocal tract dimensions. In the place of these theories, we present evidence favoring a general auditory process underlying these effects and provide some speculation about its function beyond speech perception.

Chapter Contributors

  • Antonia Vitela ( - avitela) 'University of Arizona'
  • Andrew Lotto ( - alotto) 'University of Arizona'