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Book: Essays in Speech Processes

Chapter: Interaction of Yoruba Tones with VCV Segments: A Research Note

DOI: 10.1558/equinox.22369


This involves the application of locus equation to the interaction of consonant + vowel for to Yoruba language . The consonants involved are voiced stops bilabial, alveolar, velar and labio-velar stops. It analyses the variability associated with these interaction in addition to examining whether lexical tone produces additional confounding effect to the interaction between consonant and tone bearing vowel that could be shown to be separate from the traditionally expected CV bonding. The study shows that changing pattern of tone configuration in VCV sequences e.g., from VMCVM [M= mid tone] to VLCVL [L = low tone] produces differing consonant + vowel interaction. The study provides acoustic evidence for a possible independence of the “source” from the “filter”, i.e., the resonances of the vocal tract.

Chapter Contributors

  • Augustine Agwuele ( - augustine) 'Texas State University'