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Book: Essays in Speech Processes

Chapter: Harvey Sussman’s Scientific Contributions: A Brief Summary and Assessment

DOI: 10.1558/equinox.22376


Few investigators in speech science have made so many fundamental contributions across such a broad range of subdisciplines as Harvey Sussman. His work spans the domains of motor control and articulatory patterning, acoustic phonetics, speech perception, and neurolinguistics. He is well respected as both an experimentalist and a theoretician. This review summarizes some of his most significant findings and several main currents of his thought. Key topics include articulatory measurement at both the articulatory and neuromotor levels, feature detectors for speech, locus equations, animal models of perceptual mechanisms, and the theoretical description of coarticulation. It is argued that the Sussman’s work helps to resolve some key problems in phonetics and language studies.

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