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Book: The Power of Technology in the Bronze Age Eastern Mediterranean

Chapter: (Prologue): A Tale of ‘Frescoes’

DOI: 10.1558/equinox.22585


This chapter introduces the problems to be explored in the book and outlines the methodology followed. It explains the organization of chapters and stresses that the approach is interdisciplinary arguing that combining multiple approaches will produce the best methodology to obtain meaningful answers to any archaeological question. Since iconography, technology, art, use and many other issues are forms of a society’s expression, all have to be taken together to gain the clearest picture of just what constitutes that social expression. Due to space limitations, the scope of this research cannot investigate all possible angles of approaching painted plaster, but it seeks to bring them somewhat closer together.

Chapter Contributors

  • Ann Brysbaert ( - book-auth-436) 'University of Leicester'