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Book: Textbook Gods

Chapter: “Christianity” or “the Christianity”—That is the Question

DOI: 10.1558/equinox.23882


Luther has not lived in vain. Not only is he responsible for one of the larger branches of Protestantism, but also the Lutheran insistence on sola scriptura has profoundly influenced the way religion is taught in Denmark. This heritage and the consequences thereof constitute the topic of the following chapter. After introducing the law and the history of teaching religion in the Danish educational system, I will discuss the Lutheran legacy in primary and secondary education, starting with the approach to the concept of “Christianity,” The basis for the discussion will be the executive orders for the topic in the education system and examples from popular contemporary textbooks. Finally I will discuss textbook material for primary and secondary education, based on religious studies didactics: To what degree is it possible to produce educational material based on study-of-religion didactics in the existing system, and what challenges are connected with doing so?

Chapter Contributors

  • Annika Hvithamar ( - ahvithamar) 'University of Copenhagen'