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Book: Methods for the Study of Religious Change

Chapter: Chapter 2 The World of Worldviews

DOI: 10.1558/equinox.24435


Part I of the book contains the proposal to substitute “religion” as our main topic with “worldview” and rename the Study of Religion (or Religious Studies) as Worldview Studies. One reason to do so is the current variety in worldviews, ending the monopoly that religions had in that area. Of course we should continue studying religion and religions, but under the current circumstances the inclusion of secular worldviews is an appropriate update. Besides, after working for decades with the contrast between religion and science, neglecting the common characteristics between religious and secular worldviews, the worldview banner opens a new perspective. Finally, in defining worldview, it will be suggested that doing academic work also presupposes a worldview. Accordingly, when looking for commonness between science and religion, the comparison between scholars in the study of worldviews and the people they study, whether religious or secular, can be included.

Chapter Contributors

  • André Droogers ([email protected] - book-auth-655) 'VU University, Amsterdam (Emeritus)'