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Book: Methods for the Study of Religious Change

Chapter: Chapter 11 Epilogue: Studying Religion as our Intimate Stranger

DOI: 10.1558/equinox.24447


In Chapter 11, the Epilogue of this volume, Anton van Harskamp points to this need for continuous reinvention of the discipline by reflecting on the idea that doing religion research is an activity in which the very own (social scientific) worldview is at stake. He first makes an inventory of the aspects that demand our attention when we start considering intersubjectivity. What does it mean that in our era secularization and sacralization are both present, in a paradoxical way? Can autonomy and heteronomy be combined successfully, without frustrating the late modern call for authenticity? Or is this the typical virtue of present worldviews?

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  • Anton van Harskamp ( - book-auth-656) 'VU University, Amsterdam'