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Book: Haitian Creole

Chapter: Complex sentences: Coordination, Subordination, and Clefting

DOI: 10.1558/equinox.25794


Chapter 10 covers the structure of complex sentences. The first section describes conjoining clauses with the use of coordinating conjunctions. The second section deals with the various means of embedding clauses into the main clause: the complementation of the verb of the main clause with another verb, the use of conjunctions expressing cause, condition, manner, etc., and the modification of noun phrases of the main clause with relative clauses. It contains a detailed discussion of the expression of temporal relations between the verbs of main and dependent clauses. The third section describes the very complex processes involved in clefting and reduplication to effect emphasis on particular sentence elements.

Chapter Contributors

  • Albert Valdman ( - book-auth-406) 'Indiana University'