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Book: Haitian Creole

Chapter: Language Planning and Language Choice in Education

DOI: 10.1558/equinox.25796


Chapter 12 discusses language planning in Haiti and the relationship between French and HC in education. Two aspects of language planning are covered in the first section: status planning, in particular whether and how HC is mentioned in the various Haitian constitutions; corpus planning, the level to which HC is present in administration, education, and the media. The sections that follow describe to what extent monolingual speakers have access to French and the attitude of speakers, both monolingual and bilingual, toward the country’s two languages. The final section reviews the various governmental programs that aim to introduce HC into literacy training and basic education. In particular, it examines the implementation of the Bernard Reform that, in 1979, marked the official introduction of HC as an educational vehicle in the early grades of primary school.

Chapter Contributors

  • Albert Valdman ( - book-auth-406) 'Indiana University'