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Book: Understanding and Interaction in Clinical and Educational Settings

Chapter: 2. Process Narratives in an Educational Setting

DOI: 10.1558/equinox.27833


The discussion of classroom data in Chapter Two presents a type of commonplace situation in which the creation of process narratives is complicated by the absence of explanatory information. The chapter details the intricate interpretation activities that organize information as process narratives as high school biology students learn about the genetic inheritance of traits by using a computer simulation of the breeding of generations of rabbits. The classroom interaction displays the interpretive contingencies that students contend with as they create process narratives from newly encountered information. Those contingencies include the concurrent activities of interpreting visual information and developing frames of reference for determining what information is relevant to the activity.

Chapter Contributors

  • Barry Saferstein ([email protected] - book-auth-439) 'California State University, San Marcos'