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Understanding and Interaction in Clinical and Educational Settings

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Understanding and Interaction in Clinical and Educational Settings examines the interplay of interaction, reasoning, setting, and culture that affects the creation of understandings. By analyzing and comparing routine activities and information resources in clinics and classrooms, Barry Saferstein identifies the components of interactions that enhance or limit understanding. He shows how explanations intended to produce knowledge may also mobilize aspects of professional culture that limit its scope and use. Standard formats of explanations often lead to difficulty understanding medical information or scientific concepts.

Understanding and Interaction in Clinical and Educational Settings explains how changes in the use of information resources can transform professional cultures in ways that improve understandings developed by patients and students. It will be of interest to medical practitioners, educators and scholars of social and cognitive sciences.

Published: Nov 30, 2016


Section Chapter Authors
Introduction Barry Saferstein
Part One: Process Narratives
Process Narratives Barry Saferstein
1. Process Narratives in a Clinical Setting Barry Saferstein
2. Process Narratives in an Educational Setting Barry Saferstein
3. Understandings and Beliefs Barry Saferstein
4. Process Narratives and Models of Cognition Barry Saferstein
5. Conclusion to Part One--Process Narratives and the Endurance of Understandings Barry Saferstein
Part Two: Grey Boxes
Grey Boxes Barry Saferstein
6. Cognitive Science of Grey Boxes Barry Saferstein
7. Grey Boxes in the Production of Process Narratives--A Case of Creating a Grey Box Barry Saferstein
8. Conclusion to Part Two—Grey Boxes, Context, and Content Barry Saferstein
Part Three: Discourse Frameworks
Discourse Frameworks Barry Saferstein
9. Components of a Clinical Discourse Framework Barry Saferstein
10. A Restrictive Discourse Framework Barry Saferstein
11. Cognitive Science of Discourse Frameworks Barry Saferstein
12. Sociocultural Complexities of Interpretation Activities and Discourse Frameworks Barry Saferstein
Part Four: Effects of Professional Culture on Understanding
Effects of Professional Culture on Understanding Barry Saferstein
13. Culture, Authority, and Understanding--A Balance of Interpretive Contingencies Barry Saferstein
14. Conclusion--Professional Culture: Persistence and Change Barry Saferstein
End Matter
Endnotes Barry Saferstein
Bibliography Barry Saferstein
Appendix A: Research Methods Barry Saferstein
Appendix B: Time P1 looks at screen or nurse during consultation discussion related to SNF Barry Saferstein
Index Barry Saferstein

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This work will enthuse discourse analysts with respect to the disciplines they can extend their work to and have an impact on.
Discourse Studies