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Book: Understanding and Interaction in Clinical and Educational Settings

Chapter: 5. Conclusion to Part One--Process Narratives and the Endurance of Understandings

DOI: 10.1558/equinox.27837


Examining the creation of process narratives exposes the components of the interpretation activities that produce understandings—both accurate and mistaken understandings. The production of process narratives involves interpretive contingencies, which include the concurrent activities of developing a relevant of frame of reference, interpreting information and interaction, and contending with aspects of local culture and social organization such as time constraints and different degrees of familiarity or expertise with information resources. The activities of forming process narratives become part of the resulting understandings. This contributes to the endurance of understandings as beliefs--even in the presence of additional, contradictory information. The interpretation activities

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  • Barry Saferstein ([email protected] - book-auth-439) 'California State University, San Marcos'