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Book: Understanding and Interaction in Clinical and Educational Settings

Chapter: 11. Cognitive Science of Discourse Frameworks

DOI: 10.1558/equinox.27843


Chapter Eleven discusses how discourse frameworks affect cognitive systems that support reasoning and understanding. It examines the relation of discourse frameworks to content and context, diagrams and memory, and tacit knowledge. Analysis of the creation and application of discourse frameworks provides a way of integrating the findings of studies based on mental models and coherence based reasoning, as well as filling their gaps. Examining the creation and use of discourse frameworks shows how cognitive systems impose coherence on decision tasks. The radiology consultation and genetics education data show how the resources in a setting function as external components of memory that reduce the interpretive contingencies of developing understandings.

Chapter Contributors

  • Barry Saferstein ([email protected] - book-auth-439) 'California State University, San Marcos'