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Book: Suffixal Rivalry in Adjective Formation

Chapter: Conclusions

DOI: 10.1558/equinox.29336


Topics include: Theoretical findings and; Empirical findings. To address the issue of rivalry between pairs of suffixes and the adjectives they derive and to ensure the best results, the study has integrated the insights of two linguistic methods: theoretical and empirical. This is so because the approach adopted here recognises no division between theoretical and empirical methods. The study has shown how the two methods can coexist to give a detailed description of the way language is used. The theoretical method makes the necessary assumptions, while the empirical method provides the tools to verify them. For the theoretical method, language is subjective knowledge stored in the mind of the speaker, whereas for the empirical method language is usage patterns produced by the speaker. The goal was to present a detailed corpus-based analysis of adjectival suffixation in English within the framework of CS. During the analysis, the study has invoked some of their key principles. Based on such principles, the study has put forward a number of hypotheses and attempted to check their validity through rigorous argumentation, extensive illustration and empirical evidence.

Chapter Contributors

  • Zeki Hamawand ( - book-auth-217) 'University of Kirkuk and University of Sulaimani'