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Book: On Verbal Art

Chapter: Ripples in a Timeless World

DOI: 10.1558/equinox.29790


Sometimes people motivate you, sometimes they challenge you, sometimes they inspire you, and sometimes they do all three at once. Ruqaiya Hasan falls into the last category. It is impossible to capture the huge impact that her work has had and will continue to have on a wide range of people and areas of research. In this volume, we attempt to capture just a small snapshot of her impact on the study of verbal art.

Chapter Contributors

  • Rebekah Wegener ( - Wegener1121093376) 'RWTH Aachen University '
  • Stella Neumann ( - sneumann) 'RWTH Aachen University'
  • Antje Oesterle ( - aoesterle) 'RWTH Aachen University'