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On Verbal Art

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Sometimes people motivate you, sometimes they challenge you, sometimes they inspire you, and sometimes they do all three at once. Ruqaiya Hasan falls into the last category. It is impossible to capture the huge impact that her work has had and will continue to have on a wide range of people and areas of research. In this volume, we attempt to show just a small snapshot of her impact on the study of verbal art.

On Verbal Art reflects on and celebrates the contribution that Professor Ruqaiya Hasan made to research on linguistic approaches to verbal art and includes contributions by scholars from around the world. The volume gathers together researchers with different perspectives, different views and different approaches to verbal art and aims to provide an inspiration to others to continue the work that Hasan began.

One of the lasting insights emerging from Hasan's work on verbal art is the extent to which it informs analysis and theory. This volume brings together chapters that offer a detailed account of Hasan's contribution to the study of verbal art, chapters that pay tribute to Hasan by adopting some of her central notions such as foregrounding, symbolic articulation, theme and secondary semiosis to inform their analyses, chapters that take Hasan's thinking as a starting point to explore new methodological approaches for the investigation of verbal art, and finally chapters by scholars who are new to Hasanian thinking and afford fresh perspectives that build bridges to related approaches.

It is also hoped that this volume will encourage new research and promote the reading or re-reading of Hasan's tremendous work in this area. We look forward to new challenges, arguments, extensions and applications.

Published: Sep 1, 2018

Book Contributors

Section Chapter Authors
Ripples in a Timeless World Rebekah Wegener, Stella Neumann, Antje Oesterle
Chapter 1
Language, Linguistics and Verbal Art: The Contribution of Ruqaiya Hasan to the Study of Literature Annabelle Lukin
Chapter 2
On Being a Literature Teacher: A Language Based Perspective David Butt
Chapter 3
Software-assisted Systemic Socio-Semantic Stylistics – Appraising tru* in J.M. Coetzee’s Foe Donna R Miller, Antonella Luporini
Chapter 4
The Analysis of a Sonnet Kathryn Tuckwell
Chapter 5
Foregrounding and defamiliarization in Peter Carey’s ‘Conversations with Unicorns’ Martin Tilney
Chapter 6
Simone de Beauvoir's Construal of Language and Literature in Mémoires d'une Jeune Fille Rangée (1958): A Hasanian Perspective Alice Caffarel-Cayron
Chapter 7
Jane Austen’s Shapely Sentence and the Differentiation of Dialogue from Narrative: Towards a Clause Complex of Her Own Fang Li
Chapter 8
Appraisal and Master Identities in Contemporary Spanish Crime fiction: The Case of Los Mares del Sur and its Translations into English and German Anna Espunya
Chapter 9
Striking a Chord on the Reader: On Metaphor as a Constituent of the Grammar of Verbal Art Timo Lothmann
Chapter 10
Openings in Fiction: An Approach to Verbal Art Based on Hallidayian, Cognitive and Hasanian Principles Peter Wenzel
Chapter 11
‘That’s Not Normal Rabbit Behaviour’: On the Track of the Grammar of Fictional Worlds Rebekah Wegener, Timo Lothmann
Chapter 12
Future Directions in the Study of Verbal Art Wendy Bowcher
End Matter
Author Index Rebekah Wegener
Subject Index Rebekah Wegener