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Book: On Verbal Art

Chapter: Future Directions in the Study of Verbal Art

DOI: 10.1558/equinox.29814


In order to consider the possible future directions of linguistic analyses of literature* utilizing Hasan’s framework, it is worth pausing for a moment to consider what has been gained from analyses that have already been conducted? We could simply be content with discussing literature and arriving at its deep meaning(s) without doing the kind of meticulous analysis that Hasan has demonstrated, and that her framework demands. So the question arises: what has been the point of those analyses and have they delivered anything of interest that is worth pursuing? In order to answer this question, this chapter briefly presents some key highlights of Hasan’s ideas on verbal art and the application of these by various scholars. The chapter does not propose to conduct an in-depth description and evaluation of these applications. Rather, the brief overview provides a background against which future research might make sense. The overview is organized in terms of the following general domains: i. The place of verbal art in society, ii. Theory, models, corpora and tools, iii. Verbal art and pedagogy, iv. Hasan’s verbal art framework and other theories and approaches and, v. Verbal art and translation.

Chapter Contributors

  • Wendy Bowcher ( - wendyvervenne) 'Sun Yat-sen University, China'