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Book: Approaches to Systemic Functional Grammar

Chapter: 1. Finding Complementarity in the Approaches of M.A.K.Halliday and Robin Fawcett

DOI: 10.1558/equinox.34270


The past 20 years or so have witnessed the discussion on the differences between the Sydney grammar and the Cardiff Grammar, as they are said to be two different registers or dialects in Systemic Functional Linguistics. Jonathan Webster's chapter aims to find complementarity in the approaches of M.A.K. Halliday and Robin Fawcett, as they represent these two models. The author investigates complementarities in these two approaches by looking at instantiation and stratification, among other things. The author points out that Halliday and Fawcett offer complementary perspectives on the phenomena they dub grammatical metaphor and incongruence respectively, and he agrees with Miriam Taverniers that Fawcett's algorithmic approach to grammatical metaphor is 'horizontal' while Halliday's is 'vertical'.

Chapter Contributors

  • Jonathan Webster ( - jonathan) 'City University of Hong Kong'