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Book: Approaches to Systemic Functional Grammar

Chapter: 12. On Choosing the Subject Theme

DOI: 10.1558/equinox.34281


Margaret Berry's chapter is concerned with Theme in English or Subject Theme in particular. The focus of the chapter is on the Subject Themes produced by two human communicating minds (language users). And the questions she asks include: (1) What influences the communicating minds when they make their choices? (2) Do communicating minds seem to be influenced by the main topic entities of the larger stretches of discourse when selecting the main topic entities, and so the Subject Themes, of the individual clauses? (3) What is the relationship between choice of Subject Theme and context of situation? and in particular, (4) Is there any evidence from the data used in the chapter that the communicating minds select different types of Subject Theme in differently perceived contexts of situation?

Chapter Contributors

  • Margaret Berry ( - mberry) 'University of Nottingham'