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Book: Transitions, Urbanism, and Collapse in the Bronze Age

Chapter: 14. On the Edge of the Valley: The Wadi Hammeh and the Hinterland of Pella in the EB IV Period

DOI: 10.1558/equinox.37729


This paper presents for the first-time key information regarding one of the great unknown periods at Pella and its hinterland, the EB IV. By offering previously unpublished materials from the University of Sydney’s 1985 Wadi Hammeh Survey and the excavations in Area XXXII on the main mound of Pella itself, this paper traces the settlement history of this site during the final centuries of the third millennium BCE. Offering new insights into the reoccupation of Pella at the EB-MB transition.

Chapter Contributors

  • Melissa Kennedy ( - mkennedy) 'University of Sydney'
  • Stephen Bourke ( - Bourke205918244) 'University of Sydney'