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Book: The Buddha's Path of Peace

Chapter: 12. Right Understanding: The Horizons Model

DOI: 10.1558/equinox.39411


With insightful understanding of the first two Noble Truths, suffering and the delusional self-cause of suffering (in the previous chapter), the very possibility emerges of keeping the delusion at bay, of attenuating the suffering, and considering what more we can do to understand the absolute necessity presented by the silence that liberates (Chap. 19). We now reflect on the 3rd and 4th Noble, i.e. the cessation (nirodha) of suffering and path to cessation. Again there are unhelpful and helpful comprehensions of these two. A model of how a landscape horizon ‘moves’ is used to clarify major points.

Chapter Contributors

  • Geoffrey Hunt ( - geoffhunt) 'University of Surrey'