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Book: Critical Approaches to Cypriot and Wider Mediterranean Archaeology

Chapter: 15. Mariners’ Cuisine? Cypriot Cook ware from the Late Bronze II Age from the Tell Abu Hawam Anchorage

DOI: 10.1558/equinox.42491


Among the ceramics excavated at the Tell Abu-Hawam Late Bronze anchorage was an unusual group at first identified as part of the enigmatic ‘Barbarian Ware’ family. Eventually it became clear that it is a member of the Cypriot cooking ware tradition. While the Eastern Mediterranean coastal cooking wares tend to be of the Canaanite tradition, those of the Cypriot tradition were also a substantial group of ceramics in the Domestic Quarter at Ugarit/Ras Shamra. The ware is identified, discussed and compared to materials observed at other coastal Eastern Mediterranean sites and Cyprus.

Chapter Contributors

  • Michal Artzy ( - martzy) 'University of Haifa'
  • Jóse M. Martín-García ( - jmartingarcia) 'Pompeu Fabra University'